Wireless indexing table

W20 is a high precision indexed table for flexible manufacturing cells. It is the
easiest and cheapest solution for adding, when it is needed only, a rotating axis as
first equipment or retrofitted on existing machines.
This unit can be placed on a standard pallet, like a normal work-cube, and does not
limit the working capacity giving the maximum flexibility at the top of performances.
An original design allows to have the long life power on board with compact
dimension, very easy, quick and very practical rechargeable systems.


■ High precision indexing without lifting
■ Smooth indexing driven by a servomotor
■ It does not require any hydraulic or electrical connection
with the machine
■ It’s a “self contained unit” with long life power on board
■ The control with NC machine is achieved through radio

Technical Information: please, contact us - info@duplomatic.it