Driven tool turrets

These tool turrets, driven by one only servomotor for the rotation of both the tool disc and the tools, are the proper solution for advanced turning centers.


■ Available for both axial and radial versions
■ Hydraulically operated
■ Superfast indexing time
■ Coupling according to DIN 5480
■ High flexibility on tool fitting (VDI, BMT, CDI, etc.)

Technical Information: IT6445-1109
Technical Sheet: SM-B


■ Available for axial version
■ Hydraulically operated
■ Lean mechanical design and optimized driven tool mechanism
■ Mechanical interchangeability with stand alone turret
■ Coupling according to DIN 5480

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■ Integrated with Y axis for out-of-axis operations
■ High rigidity and accuracy thanks to a proper design
■ Original clamping system for heavy duty operations (hydraulically operated)

Technical Information: IT6471-0309
Technical Sheet: TMY-B